The Blasting Machines for Mould Cleaning, two at a time, are loaded onto a suitably sized transport carriage that carries them inside the plant.

Once the positioning has been completed, the doors are automatically closed and the blasting operation is started.

Two turbines, each for each mold, slowly descend and carry out the internal blasting of the same.

The turbines are installed at the head of a carriage structure with automatic up / down movement, the speed varies according to the needs and the type of cleaning selected.

Turbine power supply is continuous throughout the operating cycle and is guaranteed by a telescopic feeding tube.

At the end of the cleaning cycle, the grit stops, the dust removal time of the chamber starts and at the same time the turbines stop.

The doors open giving the consent to the translation of the carriage that stops in the unloading area.


- Filter with fire protection device

- Soundproofing