The fundamental values โ€‹โ€‹of Lamef Pradman constitute the principles that guide company decisions, define the objectives and describe the professional commitment towards its customers.


We believe in innovation as a concrete means to improve the performance of our plants so that they can always reach the highest quality standards. We carefully study the market, to identify new solutions, new applications and new segments for our machines, in order to offer more productivity, reduce costs for our customers, reduce the use of resources and make the blasting and blasting activity easier and more effective.


The satisfaction of our customers is the strength of our growth.
We listen to the needs of our customers and welcome new market stimuli to develop machines and systems that can "make a difference" in quality and reliability.
We are the first to believe in our products and we follow our customers closely even after the purchase, with after-sales services that take care of the customer by offering technical assistance and periodic maintenance checks to keep the performance always high level throughout duration of the life cycle.


We want to win the trust of our customers with the quality of our products. We believe in quality as a fundamental value in the realization of our machines, for this reason we have developed a production path equipped with control stations to test the actual functionality of our machines, to guarantee to the our customers a safe and quality product.