Lamef Pradman Automatic Shotblasters have been designed, designed and built upon specific request of each customer who intends to automate the compressed air blasting operation.

The type of processing to be carried out and the production needs to be met determine the choice of the system and the automation to be inserted.
The sandblasting nozzles can be mounted fixed or be oriented manually, with automatic actuators or robotic arms.
The movement of the pieces can take place through a net belt, a roller conveyor, a conveyor to wagon or plane.

A simple rotary table or a satellite rotary table can be used.
It is possible to provide one or more sandblasting and cleaning stations for the parts to be treated.
The process can be dry or wet and it is possible to use one or more types of abrasive.

In order to guarantee and satisfy the needs of its customers, Lamef Pradman has set up a test center at its headquarters to perform sandblasting and shot peening tests with different types of machines and the use of different abrasives in order to find the solution. more suitable for achieving the result requested by the customer.

The - Test Center - Lamef Pradman has manual and automatic systems, pressure and vacuum, dry and wet as well as the measuring instruments necessary for checking the results of sandblasting and shot peening obtained.