Used in the industry for cleaning, polishing, satin-finishing and sandblasting of a vast range of pieces in all types of material. It is possible to use all the existing abrasives and, depending on the finishing result you want to obtain, you can choose cabins with an abrasive launching system by suction or pressure.

Suction cabins

Sandblasting takes place by means of a special gun with two distinct pipes. A pipe, controlled by a pedal, is supplied with compressed air while the other pipe is connected to the abrasive tank. The jet of compressed air creates a depression inside the gun that sucks the abrasive through the tube connected to the tank. Once in the gun, the abrasive is shot through the tungsten carbide nozzle. Especially suitable for polishing and satin finishing of pieces they are limited in the use of abrasive types. The intake system does not allow the use of metallic grit and has a lower yield in the time unit with the same compressed air consumption compared to the pressure system.

Pressurized machines

Sandblasting takes place by means of a lance which is connected to a tank containing the abrasive by means of a hose. The pressure of the tank pushes the abrasive up to the lance from which a jet of great power and high capacity of work comes out. With the same air consumption, the pressure booths have a 4 times higher yield than a corresponding suction machine. The use of metallic abrasive is possible and are therefore suitable for sandblasting, paint stripping and in all those applications where greater aggressiveness is required in the finishing of the pieces. All Lamef Pradman cabins can be equipped with numerous accessories.